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The open frame generator is just as it states. It has an open frame, motors, and other parts, instead of an enclosed one. You can get this type of generator as an inverter or not. For the most part, WEN makes some very affordable open framed inverter generators as well as Generac. Consider Generac’s GP3500iO, which has a good customer overall rating, or the WEN GN875i that’s RV ready, or Champion’s Power Equipment 200954 4250-Watt RV ready open frame inverter generator.

They are all great choices. You can also take a look at the newcomer Genkins 4500 Watt open frame inverter generator which reduces noise by 50% with 3800 rated watts 30 amp ready. It’s gas-powered and also has a good customer rating so far. To find all the open-framed generators mentioned and many others use the search field above or look below.

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