Energizer Lifep04 PPS2000 Portable Power Station: Review

Energizer Lifep04 PPS2000

Branded as a giant capacity power monster, the energizer lifep04 PPS2000 portable power station is a revolutionary power storage device, none like we have seen in the market. To fully assert this, let us dive and explore the energizer features and what it offers. We also detailed what is there to like and what is there to dislike about this energizer

General design

The energizer lifep04 PPS2000 power station is a rectangular-shaped device fitted with round corners. It has a black plastic housing with several vents in the lower half of the case that allows air to flow through the device. It has overall dimensions of 17.3 by 11.6 by 15.3 inches with a weight of 80.57 pounds.

The front part has the different port entries and a screen that displays the power station’s status. The outputs have well-fitting covers that protect the holes from dust and mechanical damage.

energizer lifep04 pps2000
Energizer Lifep04 pps2000 portable power station


  1. The PPS2000 has a 2100W inverter with an outstanding capacity of 2150Wh which can support most electrical devices
  1. It has 6 AC outputs, 2 USB ports, 1 Aviation output, 1 type c output, two wireless charging outputs, and one 12v car charging port which provides a total of 17 charging outputs that allow for simultaneous use.
  1. It comes with an in-built life PO4 battery, a BMS chipset, and an over-current protector. The protector allows the charging cycle to reach 2000- plus charging process and provides service for about ten years
  1. It has multiple charging methods, some of which include solar panel, AC/DC adapter, car charger, and an AC- DC Dual charger
  1. The PPS2000 adopts a touch screen display that makes it easy to operate and view the operational status and remaining power through the icons.
  1. Your complete purchase of the Energizer Lifep04 PPS2000 comes with a power station, solar charging cable, aviation plug, car charging cable, Anderson plug, USB cable [USB to C], AC/DC adapter, and a user manual.

Some of its pros and cons include;


  • long-lasting due to the high-capacity battery
  • It has several output ports
energizer lifep04 pps2000
Energizer Lifep04 pps2000 portable power station
  • Robust as it lasts for more than ten years.
  • It is compatible -` has several charging methods
  • Easy to use and operate
  • It’s reliable as it provides a pure sinewave safe power
  • It has a well-detailed manual that is easy to understand


  • Has 1 Type C PD output
  • It lacks a carrying handle
  • Heavy to carry weighs over 80 pounds

Final Thoughts

Portable power stations are starting to have a higher need in society. Electric devices and components have become hard to go without as lack of power regard these devices useless, and that is where portable power comes in.

The PPS2000 energizer is a power station that can bring back electricity to virtually any situation. The features discussed above not only give you the reason to get a PPS2000 energizer but also details what you’re missing in the portable power setups. The important part is to identify what you need and the immediate devices that you may want to charge with the energizer.