WEN 56235i

WEN 56235i Review

With so many generators on the market, buying one can be a challenge if you’re not familiar with portable generators. But in this WEN 56235i inverter generator review, you’re going to know exactly what to buy. This review is about WEN 56235i and nothing else. We may suggest a similar portable power unit but for the most part, our focus will strictly be on WEN’s super quiet 2350 Watt portable inverter generator.

Our Review Format is different from other reviews; It is written to make it easy for you to jump to the parts of the generator that are most important to you. The big headings are used to highlight these and a table of content is included.

The first item to be addressed is the noise level of the generator. This will then be followed by the generator specs, engine capacity, and wattage, fuel consumption, output, Ideal usage, what’s in the box, what users say about the WEN GEN, our conclusion, and recommendation.

The Wen 56235i 2350 Watt Inverter Generator Noise Level/Decibel 

This generator is marketed as super quiet but by what standard. A decibel ratio or rating is used by manufacturers and government agencies to identify how loud or quiet motorized products dissipate.

-operational noise or when in use.

The WEN isn’t so bad. It produces a decibel/dba 51 decibels. What does that really mean? At 51 dba, it produces enough noise as loud as your household refrigerator. That means you can operate the generator indoors without getting annoyed at the sound. Note: Generators should never be indoors because they produce CO or carbon monoxide which is colorless, odorless, has no scent and can be deadly.

WEN-56235i review

It should always be placed in a well-vented location or outdoors preferably. 


Dimensions: 17.3 x 11.5 x 17.7 inches
Weight: 39 lbs
Starting watts: 2,350W (gasoline)
Running watts: 1,900W (gasoline)
Voltage: 120V
Frequency: 60Hz
Engine type: 4 stroke-OHV engine spark-ignition
Engine displacement: 79cc
Start type: recoil, electric
Fuel type: unleaded gasoline
Fuel tank capacity (gasoline): 1.6 gallons
Runtime at 10.5 hrs quarter-load
Noise rating: 51 decibels
EPA- III and CARB-certified for all 50 states

Engine Capacity and Wattage

Compared to other models with similar ratings, WEN 56235i is relatively quiet. Without the commotion of a traditional generator, Up to 2350 surge watts and 1900 rated watts of electricity can be generated. Its 79cc 4-stroke OHV operates quieter than an air conditioner in a window while camping, hunting, tailgating, and replenishing backup power; this reduces its intrusiveness. Other than its quietness, this generator produces clean energy and is free of voltage spikes and drops; this minimizes the production of a corresponding increase in current, the so-called current point.

The engine that powers WEN’s 56235i portable inverter generator is a 77cc 4 stroke-ohv engine. It is super quiet compared to models on the market with similar ratings and wattage.

Its problem-free of voltage spike and drops and 2350 surge watts and 1900 watt rated. 

Fuel Consumption 

This inverter generator is installed with a fuel shut-off, shutting down the flow of liquid energy into a combustion chamber. This aids in the prevention of build-up and obstructions caused by stale fuel in the carburetor, hence reducing maintenance. This helps prevent high input and usage of the high amount of energy; the inverter generator, therefore, is conducive for a low projection of fuel amount extending the life of the generator.


WEN 56235i is made to look like a pure sine wave. It produces a clean power output of 2350 surge watts and 1900 rated watts. A generator with an operating wattage of 2000–2400 should power a small well pump. With 1900 rated watts, WEN 56235i can continuously run delicate electronic appliances.

Ideal Application 

This 2350 watt generator could be ideal for many applications from home use too much other importance. At no load, it’s less than 0.3 percent, and at full load, it’s less than 1.2 percent. This ensures that laptops, telephones, displays, tablets, and other sensitive equipment may be used safely.

Wen 56235i Review

What’s in The Box

With its low-weight design, the generator is easily moved from one place to another while in need. It also consists of indicator lights that show low oil and also overload. The generator has a parallel connection that can link double WEN generators in the end, increasing its watts. It has an eco-mode that extends the running time by adjusting fuel consumption.

Advantages and Disadvantages

WEN 56235i, with its ultra-lightweight body, makes it excellent for travel since it is easy to carry from place to place. WEN is also equipped with a silent operation that does not bother others. This is very helpful in that it does not cause noise pollution. The generator generates clean electricity at 2350 surge watts, and 1900 rated watts.

WEN56235i is rarely available in the market, thus making it hard to find. This model loses a few points because it only has a manual recoil start. It is usually recommended to use an electric starter. Only a manual recoil start is available on this variant. It is typically recommended to use an electric starter.

Also, the generator must be grounded using #12 AWG (American Wire Gauge) stranded copper wire. Failure to properly ground increases the risk of an electric shock. The grounding wire is not included.

What Buyers Are Saying 

Some of the best answers to our questions are from others who have been through or used the product we are looking to buy. For this, people have a lot to say about their experience with WEN’s 56235i generator. “It’s very reliable if you take care of it,” says one user. It uses less gasoline. It sips fuel! “Quickstart with just two pulls” and 5w30 oil is suggested at all temperature range. 

It is amazingly quiet and to boost wattage a few users bought another and use the parallel cable. Also, don’t forget about the high altitude kit if you plan to operate this over 2000 feet.


For the most part, the WEN 56235i is a reliable inverter generator. Similar models include, the WEN 56203i and WEN 52225i are just as good and are great substitutes. Although inverter generators have a reputation for being pricier, you expect to find one selling at a reasonable price today. 

On the other hand, WEN could have designed an inverter at a more affordable price point but the technology and their proprietary features, options, are what make them unique durable.

 Considering its cost-effectiveness, it’s still a solid option when you require higher power output in a small package. This inverter generator is up to the task whether you need a fuel-efficient and portable machine or one that is adaptable and efficient without producing too much noise

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